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Providing cross-border solutions, designed to drive efficiency, maximise returns and deliver growth.

We leverage strategically connected teams and in-county know-how, to deliver beyond your vision. Our responsive borderless solutions are convenient and transparent, so everyone can realise their global ambitions, regardless of location, need or network.

Fluid borderless solutions for people and organisations

Our unique cross-border experience enables everyone to pursue their full global potential. Our clients trust us to deliver reliable, cutting-edge and result driven solutions everyday.

Global Procurement

Drawing our vast global network, we provide specialist procurement of goods and services for people and organisations. Our focus is to deliver convenience and improve efficiency for our varied clients.

We understand procurement and deliver beyond your requirements. Our experts also work to compliance standards, ensure high levels of transparency and continue to set new procurement standards.

International Payments

We enable individuals, companies and marketplaces to make and receive multi-currency payments. Our secure and trusted platform is linked to major international payment gateways enabling us to process cross-border currency transactions to meet varied financial obligations.

With our trusted and fast internationational payment solutions spanning different payment methods, you can be rest assured that your transactions are transparent, safe, secure and convenient.

Global Investments

Leveraging the diverse opportunities offered by globalization and technology advancements, we bring the world closer to our clients. We are your one-stop gateway to investing in foreign markets.

Be it shares, properties, bonds, insurance and various products or investment, we provide the detailed and timely support to help you diversify investment portfolios into the global markets.

International Recruitment

We provide the best global talent to multinational institutions, private, public and healthcare organisations. Our industry specific experts and multilingual teams recruit the best people for your business.

We advise and assist throughout the recruitment process to onboarding. Our flexible, personalised and rapid approach is designed to ensure you attract and retain short and long-term talent worldwide.

Relocation Services

Thinking of relocating abroad? Whether it’s temporary or permanent, our experienced in-country teams provide the solutions required to ensure your relocation is cost-efficient, smooth and hassle-free.

Our relocation solutions are tailored to individuals and businesses of all sizes and industry sectors. From developing to delivering on your bespoke relocation plan, we support you throughout the process.

Diaspora Services

Through our one-stop concierge solutions, we provide support to people and organisations abroad, who wish to transact business in their home country. We work on behalf of diasporans, in their homeland.

Our diverse team of former diasporans have practical knowledge of the varied needs of diasporans. You can count on our in-country experts to manage all your transactions for guaranteed peace of mind.

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Cross-border experts

We combine our extensive knowledge, with local partner expertise, to deliver trusted cross-border solutions for individuals, businesses, multi-national institutions and governments. Our integrated approach provides a single pathway to the most popular routes below.


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Delivering on your goals

Through integrity, confidentiality and professionalism, our unique solutions empower people and organisations to deliver on their goals worldwide, regardless of their location.

Multi-disciplinary approach with extensive experience

Strategically connected global destinations

Rapid delivery with no compromise to quality

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Leverage our extensive expertise and trusted partner network to harness your full global sourcing and investment potential.

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